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Two Bars Seven Ranch was established in the late 1800's-even before Wyoming became a state. Located on both sides of the Colorado-Wyoming border, it is less than 2 hours north of the Denver airport, but worlds away from the pressures of modern life.

As a guest at Two Bars Seven Ranch, you'll step back in time, discovering all the adventure that this 3,000-acre working cattle ranch has to offer.

Our dude ranch guests say we have something beautifully unique here and this is best riding and scenery they have ever experienced. While sitting at the breakfast table you can watch the wrangler bringing in the horse herd for the day's riding. Be a part of getting the horses ready and learn as much about horses and riding, as you would like to. When you go for a ride, there are always a wrangler and either cattle work or scenic riding. The rides are not generic "nose to tails" park rides. We don't ride single file and upper level riding is always available while the safety and enjoyment of all riders is our main priority. You could be moving the cattle to a new watering pond where we meet up with the rest of the ranch folks and spend the evening there with a chuchwagon dinner and fishing and a campfire.

We strive to keep the ranch both affordable and accessible to the wide variety of guests that we host here, including vacationers, family reunions, small conferences, retreats, summer camps and people with special dietary needs. If you have a question, we'll be happy to address it.

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