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About our Horses


When you go horseback riding, you will be pared up with one of our friendly cowponies and will be able to learn as much as you would like about western horses and driving cattle while you are here.


horse vacationSome of our guests are beginner horseback riders; you will get basic information about your individual horse and instruction on how to safely ride together as a group with a wrangler. We will show you by example how to communicate with your horse and then help you figure it out for yourself. When you feel confident and comfortable doing all the basic maneuvers, you will be off for the day adventures.

For those that are advanced you will be glad to know that we do not do "nose-to-tail" trail riding and upper level riding is always available as safety permits. We work with individuals at their riding level and within their comfort zone, never encouraging them to horseback ride at an unsafe level for themselves. This will create a faster learning experience. You will be out in the beautiful rocky mountains, moving the cows on a cattle drive quicker than you think, buy putting your safety first.

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