Guest Comments

Over the years, we have welcomed a variety of guests to Two Bars Seven. Often, our guests will write to us, sharing their experiences in this extraordinary place—it’s our pleasure to share their comments with you.

=7 Ranch is the greatest - There is no place on earth like it. We think about you all, all year round. We wish for you happy, healthy lives. We pray our lives will be such that God will allow for our return. We had a "wonderful" time this year. The weather, food, riding, etc. all added to our good time, but especially the people. You are all the greatest

Evelyn B.

University of Nebraska, Japanese Student Group (retreat site for 10 years)

I soaked in a very rich nature and I really enjoyed the experience here. Also, the food was excellent!!

Thank you.
Y. Shirai, Japan

I haven’t been in the middle of nature for a long time. I’ve never realized how much I missed. Thank you very much for listening to silence.

R. Loukota, Japan

Wow! This place was really special. I can’t believe my eyes every time I wake up and see the things around me here. Thank you so much for the amazing time. Every moment of every hour was spent in peace and tranquility. I will never forget this amazing place. I will return again someday.


Even after thirty years of coming to 2bars7 Ranch, it has not lost any of its magic. It’s wonderful scenery still soothes the soul. Each year gives me the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Thanks to all the staff for their help.

Happy trails,
Isabel H.

Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality. 2bars7 was the perfect retreat location for us!

Many thanks
The Amnesty International Women’s Human Rights Action Team

This was my funnest vacation ever. I got to see Fenny Rock. My horse was Ben.


Once again we drove over the ridge and I felt at home. Polly & Lea, family too seldom seen. Thank you for this tranquil and amazing haven.


Trying to relive my youth I returned to the Ranch after 20 years. The beauty is that nothing really changes. It is a pleasure to spend time with such wonderful people in such a wonderful area of the country. Thanks to my Aunt Mary for introducing me to “The Ranch.”

Pat M.

This has been the most wonderful vacation in 20 years! I’ve learned so much. Things I hope to be able to apply back home. Thanks to JD, my horses are in trouble!! And all of you have made us feel like a welcomed part of the family. Thank you so much, you’ve helped me heal.

Happy Trails
Jo G.

Dear Polly and Lea,
Thanks for making our 10th wedding anniversary as special as our wedding was (at the Ranch, of course!) This place will always be “home” to me. It truly is “like no place on earth.” So, until we come home again, take care. You will always be in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers.

Bill & Bobbie M.

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